Future Cars Of 2021-2025

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The next few years should be exciting. We’re in the midst of an electric vehicle onslaught and seeing a flood of new EV pickup trucks. We’re also watching more supercar and hypercar debuts than ever before. That likely won’t stop as we look forward into the next four years, sharing most of the vehicles we expect to arrive between now and 2025.

Our list of future vehicles is broken down into three sections: Cars, SUVs, and Trucks. Each section has dozens of new products we expect to show up by 2025, based on what we’ve reported and seen either in spy photos or early teasers.

Future Cars 

2021 BMW M3 And M4

How Much Will It Cost: $69,900 / $71,800
When Will It Be Available: Early 2021

The BMW M3 and M4 coupe get bold new looks for 2021, complete with massive dual kidney grille inserts. Whether you love the new look or not, the pair packs up to 503 horsepower in the Competition spec, which allows them to hit 60 miles per hour in under four seconds flat. The BMW M3 and M4 will go on sale early this year, with a starting price of $69,900 for the four-door and $71,800 for the coupe.

2021 Infiniti Electric Vehicle

How Much Will It Cost: $75,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Early 2021

Late last year, Infiniti gave us a quick glimpse into its electrified future, which includes a luxurious electric SUV and potentially two high-end flagships. Based on the Q Inspiration concept pictured here, the Infiniti sedan(s) likely won’t go fully electric like the SUV, but instead, use a version of the brand’s current 2.0-liter VC-Turbo with hybrid technology. We expect the flagship sedan to show up sometime early next year, but we can only guesstimate the price; $75,000 would likely be a good starting point.

Nissan Z Proto Front

What Will It Cost: $40,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Mid 2021

Nissan wowed us with the debut of the Z Proto concept last year, complete with retro cues and a modern interior. But now we can’t wait to see the production version, which we expect could show up as early as quarter two of this year. It’s unclear what engine will power the new Z, but we expect either a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder with up to 400 horsepower in the Nismo model.

2021 Polestar 2 head-on static

How Much Will It Cost: $59,900
When Will It Be Available: Now

The Polestar 2 is the brand’s fully electric follow-up to the hybrid Polestar 1 sports car. The small EV went on sale earlier this year with a starting price of $59,900. The Polestar 2 offers a total system output of 402 horsepower and 487 pound-feet of torque, and up to 233 miles of driving range.

Aston Martin Vanquish

How Much Will It Cost: $450,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Late 2021

Aston Martin has a slew of new vehicles in the pipeline. The first of the product onslaught includes the current DBX SUV, followed by a high-end supercar called the Valkyrie, and after that, we’ll see the new Vanquish. Though it adopts an old name, the 2022 Vanquish will be all-new, mid-engined, and come with a manual transmission. Aston Martin hasn’t provided any official pricing details, but expect the new Vanquish to cost around $450,000 when new.

Cadillac Escala concept

How Much Will It Cost: $200,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Early 2022

Cadillac plans to make its lineup a bit more luxurious with the introduction of the Escala sedan, which should go into production sometime late in 2021. Based on the concept we saw back in 2016, early reports suggested the Escala would use the current CT6 platform – but instead, we know that this sedan will be fully electric. Using the same electric platform at the Lyriq, the high-end EV could cost more than $200,000 when finished.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Rendering

How Much Will It Cost: $75,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Mid 2021

It’s only a matter of time before Chevrolet announces the new Corvette Z06. Our hope (based on previous reports) is that the new Z06 shows up sometime in the middle of 2021. Whenever it does debut, the new ‘Vette variant could have a flat-plane-crank DOHC V8 that revs up to 9,000 rpm, and pump out 625 horsepower. A more-powerful ZR1 and even an electrified Corvette are also possible down the line.

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

How Much Will It Cost: $90,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Late 2021

We could see a brand-new Mercedes-Benz SL as early as the beginning of next year. We’ve captured dozens of spy photos of the convertible testing around the Nurburgring in Germany, hiding an updated design and up to six engine options – ranging from a base 43 model to a high-powered hybrid 73e. The current model costs $91,000, but we expect the new version to come in at around the same price.


How Much Will It Cost: $210,000
When Will It Be Available: Early 2021

Maserati debuted its new sports car, the MC20, earlier this year. The slinky two-door packs a twin-turbocharged, twin-combustion 3.0-liter V6 good for 621 horsepower and 538 pound-feet, routed through an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. The MC20 can allegedly sprint to 62 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds and on to a top speed of 201 mph, and will cost $210,000 in the US when it goes on sale early next year.

Mercedes-Benz EQE new spy photo (front three-quarters)

How Much Will It Cost: $65,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Late 2021 / Early 2022

We know the bigger EQS will be the first Mercedes-Benz electric sedan, set to debut and go on sale sometime next year. But a smaller EQE sedan will follow the EQS, and it should be a sportier electric take on the traditional E-Class. With standard all-wheel drive, via one electric motor for each axle, the EQE will have a combined output of more than 402 horsepower and 564 pound-feet, with a fully electric range of around 373 miles. Expect a price tag of around $65,000.

Next-Gen Toyota 86

How Much Will It Cost: $27,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Mid 2022

With the recent arrival of the 2022 Subaru BRZ, we expect Toyota to pull the cover off its new 86 in the near future. When it does debut, the 2022 Toyota 86 will sport a similar design and likely the same naturally aspirated 2.4-liter engine as the BRZ, good for 228 horsepower and 184 pound-feet, with an available six-speed manual transmission. Expect the 2022 Toyota 86 to go on sale by mid-2022 with a starting price of around $27,000.

Rendering Toyota Corolla GR

How Much Will It Cost: $30,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Late 2021 / Early 2022

Though we won’t get the GR Yaris in the States (sad!), eventually Toyota will eventually build an extra-spicy version of the Corolla hatchback. Rumors say the GR Corolla could get all-wheel drive, the same turbocharged three-cylinder engine from the Yaris, and a slick six-speed manual – but Toyota hasn’t confirmed any of those details thus far. Our best guess is that the Toyota GR Corolla will debut sometime in 2021 before going on sale later in the year or early in 2022.

2021 Genesis Essentia

How Much Will It Cost: $100,000+ (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Early 2022

Genesis already has a range of impressive luxury vehicles, from the sporty G70 sedan to the new GV80 SUV. But the brand wants to expand even further, and that could mean a sporty two-door is on the horizon. Based on the Essentia concept that debuted back a few years back, there’s reason to believe that Genesis could bring a version of that vehicle to production – and as a fully electric vehicle. Former executive VP and global head, Manfred Fitzgerald, said that we could see the Essentia as early as 2021.

Hyundai RM19 Prototype: First Drive

How Much Will It Cost: $40,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Late 2022

Hyundai has been on a roll lately with its N cars, specifically the Veloster N, the upcoming Elantra N, and now the just-announced Kona N hot crossover. But one more N car could join the lineup in the near future – and it may be the hottest one to date. The rumored Hyundai RM20 N will be a mid-engine hatchback based on the many RM concepts we’ve seen over the years. Rumors say this flagship could have up to 350 horsepower from a turbocharged 2.0-liter, and should cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $40,000.

Infiniti Qs Inspiration Concept

How Much Will It Cost: $75,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Late 2022

Infiniti is rolling out the first of its electrified offerings by the end of next year, and part of that strategy includes a sporty, luxurious sedan dubbed the QS. Inspired by the 2019 concept with the same name, the production Infiniti QS will have futuristic design cues and a modern cabin, all powered by a hybrid or a fully electric powertrain. We’ll know more about the production Infiniti QS when it debuts, likely sometime in 2022.

Porsche 911 Hybrid

How Much Will It Cost: $150,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Mid 2022

We should all be thoroughly excited for the upcoming Porsche 911 Hybrid, execs promise that it will be the “highest-performance 911 of all.” Assuming that the sports car borrows a similar setup to the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, the 911 could have upwards of 700 horsepower. And we know that it won’t be a plug-in hybrid, so it should remain relatively light. What we don’t know is how much the new 911 Hybrid will cost, or when it’s set to debut. Our best guess is that we’ll see the 911 Hybrid sometime later next year or early the year after, before going on sale (hopefully) sometime in 2022 – and it will likely be the most expensive 911 yet.

2021 Dodge Challenger rendering

How Much Will It Cost: $30,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Mid 2024

Dodge has said that the current Charger and Challenger will live on, at least in their current form, until 2024. After that, the duo will likely get a futuristic makeover that undoubtedly includes electrification and more modern technology. But the details outside of that are slim; wed don’t know what the new Charger and Challenger will look like, or what could potentially power them. Dodge probably won’t release that information for another few years.

Cadillac Celestiq

How Much Will It Cost: $200,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Mid 2024

This year Cadillac announced production of the electric Celestiq (pronounced “suh-less-tik”) flagship sedan. The company promises a hand-built construction, use of the new Ultium battery platform as its base – same as the Lyriq crossover – and a limited production run. Unfortunately, we won’t see the Celestiq for another few years. If we’re lucky, we could see a concept as early as next year or 2022, but the production version likely won’t be available until at least 2024. And it will be very expensive.

2021 Lamborghini Sedan

How Much Will It Cost: ???
When Will It Be Available: ???

Lamborghini’s on-again, off-again confirmations of a super sedan leave us less than hopeful that a production version will happen. But, we have our fingers crossed. If a four-door Lambo does show up, it probably won’t be until at least 2024 and won’t go on sale until the following year. There’s no indication of what would power it either, but our best guess is some sort of hybridized V8 or V12. One rumor indicates that the Lambo sedan could use the same base as the Taycan, which indicates a fully electric powertrain, but nothing is confirmed. 

Future SUVS


How Much Will It Cost: $100,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Late 2021

BMW debuted its long-awaited iX earlier this year with up to 500 horsepower and an electric range of over 300 miles. Built on a brand-new architecture developed by BMW specifically for battery-electric vehicles, not only is the iX one of the brand’s first mass-market EVs, but also brings to market a bevy of new active safety and infotainment technology never before seen on BMWs. No word on price, but the BMW iX is slated to go on sale towards the end of 2021.

Ford Bronco Exterior

How Much Will It Cost: $28,500
When Will It Be Available: Mid 2020

Well, it’s back – and it’s beautiful. The Ford Bronco returns for the 2021 model year (and brings the smaller Bronco Sport with it) as the Blue Oval’s to the Jeep Wrangler. And this rugged off-roader does have all the proper pieces needed to compete: an advanced all-wheel-drive system, up to 35-inch off-road tires, impressive water fording and rock-crawling abilities, and an optional twin-turbocharged V6 engine. With that optional engine the Bronco produces 310 horsepower and 410 pound-feet. The Ford Bronco starts at $28,500 in the US, although delays have pushed its official on-sale date to next summer.

Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition Three Quarters

How Much Will It Cost: $42,895
When Will It Be Available: Late 2020

Alongside the new Bronco, Ford also has the all-electric Mustang Mach-E. The crossover will hit dealerships in just a few weeks, and depending on which trim you get, offers up to 332 horsepower and 300 miles of electric range. The hot-to-trot GT Performance Edition even boasts a 0-60 mile-per-hour time of just 3.5 seconds. You can pick up a Mustang Mach-E for a starting price of $42,895 – or as low as $35,395 after federal tax credit.

Genesis GV80

How Much Will It Cost: $48,900
When Will It Be Available: Early 2021

Genesis has been on a roll. Following the success of the G70 and G80 sedans, the company debuted its first SUV this year – the GV80. And the GV80 follows the G80 sedan before it, sporting a standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine making 300 horsepower, and an optional 370 hp twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6. Both rear- and all-wheel-drive options are available, and the base model costs a reasonable $48,900 to start. The new Genesis GV80 should hit dealership beginning early next year.

Ferrari Purosangue

How Much Will It Cost: $350,000+ (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Early 2022

The Ferrari Purosangue – the Italian sports car maker’s first SUV – will likely debut sometime late next year before going on sale early to mid-2022. What we know thus far about the high-riding Ferrari is that it will either get a turbocharged and hybridized V8, or the brand’s synonymous V12. The output should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 650 horses (so to best the Lamborghini Urus), and pricing will likely exceed $350,000. We’ve only seen a few spy photos and renderings of the SUV thus far, but expect to see the final production version in the metal sometime next year.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept Feature

What Will It Cost: $75,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Late 2021 / Early 2022

Jeep debuted the gorgeous Grand Wagoneer concept late last year promising a luxurious flagship for the near future. With an immense amount of screens in the cabin – including a daunting 12.1-inch touchscreen – a plug-in-hybrid powertrain, and an expected price tag somewhere in the neighborhood of $75,000, the Grand Wagoneer should be special. But don’t expect to see a production version until at least later this year or early next.

porsche-macan eletrico - projeção

How Much Will It Cost: $65,000+ (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Early 2022

We’ll get our first glimpse of the new Porsche Macan EV sometime next year before the electric crossover officially goes on sale in 2022. Reports indicate that the Macan EV will show up alongside the electric Audi Q5 and long-awaited Volkswagen ID.Buzz. We don’t know what type of power the new Macan EV might have, but our hope is that the small crossover follows in the footsteps of the Taycan electric sedan.

Rivian R1S

How Much Will It Cost: $70,000
When Will It Be Available: Late 2021

Next year should be the year that Rivian officially opens up the ordering books for its R1T electric pickup and R1S SUV. The R1S, in particular, will come with three different battery sizes: 105, 135, and 180 kilowatt-hours. Those batteries will give the SUV up to 750 horsepower and 800 pound-feet in the top-spec, and up to 300 miles of range. Deliveries for the R1S will kick off late next year with a starting price of $70,000.

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

How Much Will It Cost: $40,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Late 2021 / Early 2022

Volkswagen released the first concept for the ID Buzz electric bus back in – checks notes – 2017. This vehicle has been a long time coming. But finally the ID.Buzz should debut sometime next year before going on sale either late in 2021 or early in 2022. Reports say the ID.Buzz should have more than 350 miles of range in the top-spec and offer just north of 360 horsepower. We’ll know more for sure when the production version shows up next year; expect a starting price of around $40,000.

Lotus SUV

How Much Will It Cost: $60,000+ (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Early 2023

Lotus is looking to make a change by propelling itself into the mainstream market with a new SUV. In June of last year, we spied the supposed high-riding Lotus for the first time, and the latest reports indicate that the SUV could have as much as 750 horsepower from a plug-in powertrain. The so-called Lotus “Lambda” SUV will be built at Geely’s plant in Wuhan, China, where the company says it can pump out nearly 150,000 examples each year.

Volvo XC90

How Much Will It Cost: $50,000+ (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Late 2022

It’s been a bit since Volvo released the current XC90; this generation has been on the market since 2015, and helped kickstart a renaissance for the brand. But we know that a new XC90 will debut in just a few years, and like many other SUVs expected in the near future, Volvo is electrifying it. The company will still offer the current plug-in and gas variants, but a fully electric version could debut as early as 2022 before going on sale the following year. Volvo currently has an electric XC40 dubbed the recharged, so it’s no surprise that the larger three-row will follow the same blueprint. Unfortunately, we don’t have details on price, range, or horsepower just yet. 

Future Trucks

Hyundai Santa Cruz

How Much Will It Cost: $25,000+
When Will It Be Available: Late 2021

Hyundai has been teasing the Santa Cruz pickup since 2015, when the handsome concept first debuted at the Detroit Auto Show. Now five years later and the company has finally confirmed the arrival of a production pickup. Hyundai will offer the Santa Cruz starting late in 2021, and it will be built alongside the Elantra, Sonata, and Santa Fe at the company’s Montgomery, Alabama, factory. The Santa Cruz will likely share some powertrain pieces with the crossovers in the Hyundai lineup, but we won’t know all the details until it debuts sometime next year.

Rivian R1T

How Much Will It Cost: $67,500
When Will It Be Available: Early 2021

Rivian’s long-awaited R1T pickup should show up in production form next year… hopefully. The company has already sold out of Launch Edition models via pre-ordering, which has a $75,000 sticker price and promises up to 400 miles of range, but more affordable variants should go on sale next year. Expect the first versions to roll into customer driveways early in the year.

Bollinger B2 Pickup

How Much Will It Cost: $125,000
When Will It Be Available: Late 2021

Bollinger has been teasing a production version of its rugged B2 pickup for some time now, but 2022 could be the year that it officially debuts. With rugged looks, an estimated driving range of around 200 miles, and up to 614 horsepower, the Bollinger B2 promises real truck capabilities. We’ll wait and see if

Ford F-150 Electric

How Much Will It Cost: $28,940
When Will It Be Available: Late 2021

Ford released the new 2021 F-150 back in August, complete with a refreshed look, a new hybrid powertrain option, and a starting price of $28,940 for the base XL model. The new half-ton is already at dealerships in the US, meaning you can pick one up today – assuming your local dealership still has inventory. But later this year we could see a fully electric version of the same pickup.

2022 Ford Maverick Leak

How Much Will It Cost: $25,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Late 2021

One of the most anticipated trucks of the year is the 2022 Ford Maverick. Positioned underneath the slightly larger Ranger, the unibody Maverick should debut late this year with a price tag of just at or slightly under $25,000. We know that it will be built at Ford’s facility in Mexico, and should offer the same turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-three and turbocharged 2.0-liter as the Bronco Sport with which it shares its base.

GMC Hummer EV

How Much Will It Cost: $112,595
When Will It Be Available: Early 2022

This year GMC brought back the iconic Hummer name in the form of an electric pickup truck. Complete with 1,000 horsepower, 350 miles of range, and a 0-60 time of 3.0 seconds flat, the battery-powered pickup promises an official on-sale date of 2022. And when it does go on sale, the GMC Hummer EV will have a whopping price tag of $112,595.

2021 Ram Dakota

How Much Will It Cost: $25,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Early 2022

Ram has been back and forth on a Dakota revival, but the latest rumors and patent filings suggest that we could see a small Ram truck in the near future. In April, the company filed a trademark for the name Dakota – whether that means a new Dakota will actually happen, or Ram is simply keeping the trademark alive remains to be seen. But if Ram does decide to build a new Dakota, we could see the small truck as early as next year with an on-sale date of 2022.

2021 Tesla Cybertruck

How Much Will It Cost: $39,900
When Will It Be Available: Late 2021 / Early 2022

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most polarizing new vehicle debuts we’ve seen in quite some time. When Elon Musk unveiled the cyberpunk-esque pickup late last year, he promised a 0-60 time of less than 3.0 seconds and a driving range of over 500 miles in the Tri Motor AWD model, and even 250 miles of range in the Single Motor RWD version. But we probably won’t see a production version until at least late in 2021 or the following year. Prices should start at $39,900 for the 250-mile version, with the 500-mile model asking $69,900 before options.

Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak

How Much Will It Cost: $35,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Early 2022

Volkswagen debuted the Atlas Tanoak as a concept back in 2018 at the Detroit Auto Show, promising a production version in the near future. It’s been over two years since we first saw that concept, but VW hasn’t totally abandoned those plans; the company has been analyizing pickup plans for over a year now and says that the Tanoak is very much a possibility. Unfortunately, we don’t know how much it will cost or what might power it. If and when it does debut, expect to see it sometime early in 2022.

Volkswagen Amarok

How Much Will It Cost: $25,000 (est.)
When Will It Be Available: Late 2022

After the Atlas Tanoak (if that truck does indeed happen), Volkswagen could add a second truck to its lineup in the US in the form of the Amarok. Already the company sells this nameplate in other markets, but the company could bring the small truck Stateside to compete with midsizers like the Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Colorado, among others. We don’t know what might power this truck, but our best guess is a version of the company’s 2.0-liter engine. And price-wise, it should be competitive with the rest of the segment.


While there’s no single year in which all cars will switch from gasoline to electricity, some companies, like Bentley, have already promised to go all-in on battery power, while others like BMW, GM, and Volkswagen promise electrified lineups within the next few years. On the governmental side, California has already moved to pass a law banning new gas-powered vehicle sales in the state by the year 2035.

This year should be a big year for a number of manufacturers. We’ll see new debuts from American companies like Ford, with the Mach-E and Bronco, as well as Rivian for its electric R1T pickup, plus other fresh vehicles like the Polestar 2, Infiniti QS Inspiration, and BMW M3 and M4, among many others.

Although we’re still a ways off from 2025, there are a number of new vehicles we expect to debut in four years. One of the most exciting debuts scheduled for 2025 is the Cadillac Celestiq, which promises to be the American luxury brand’s flagship electric sedan. Another vehicle we’re looking forward to is a rumored Lamborghini sedan, which could join the lineup in 2025 alongside the Urus SUV.