Hold Your Breath as Old 911s Dice It up in France

There are a bunch of cool things to watch right now while we’re all stuck at home. The making of Ken Block’s Hoonifox, the Petersen Automotive Museum vault tour, virtual car shows and Idris Elba’s new Quibi show. That’s in addition to virtual races from NASCAR and IndyCar and, of course, our Twitch program on Fridays. But another car thing you should be keeping up with is Goodwood’s YouTube channel.

The Goodwood Road and Racing channel is a treasure trove of old and new cars racing, either during the Festival of Speed or the Revival, including this clip of vintage Porsche 911s taking it to each other at the track. This one features in-car footage of Andrew Smith as he pilots his Porsche 911 around Dijon-Prenois in France against the No. 99 Sandy Watson/Andrew Kirkaldy car in the Peter Auto 2.0-Liter Cup. It’s a race reserved for 2.0-liter, short-chassis, early Porsche 911s “prepared in accordance to the FIA pre-‘66 regulation.”

Dijon-Prenois is a 2.3-mile track outside of Dijon, France, that opened in 1972. It features nine turns, and a great race lap is just over one minute.

Smith seems to have more speed on the straights, but he and the No. 99 go back and forth, perilously close for almost all seven minutes of this clip. These aren’t million-dollar cars, mind you, but they’re a couple hundred thousand for sure—enough that you really wouldn’t want to bang one up if you didn’t have at least a small boatload of cash.

Have a watch, and try not to grind your teeth too much.

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