Taycan GT Model Mentioned In Official Porsche Video

Buried deep in an official Porsche video is an odd nugget of information the automaker didn’t edit out of the final cut – a single mention of a Taycan GT. The moment happens after Jay Kay, the famous Jamiroquai frontman, pulls back into the pits of Silverstone Circuit after smoking a Porsche 911 GT2 RS at a drag race in a Taycan Turbo S. We’ve never heard of such a model, so hearing it dropped casually by Kay piqued our interest.

Specifically, Kay says, at the 5:58 mark, “Lord only knows what happens when the Taycan GT comes out.” He chuckles briefly before the video cuts to another scene, but there’s no other mention. We’ve reached out to Porsche about the Taycan GT and will update this story if we hear back. However, it does seem strange Porsche would leave in the mention. Automakers are notoriously protective of information about future models, so announcing a Taycan GT like this is a peculiar move.

Then again, Kay could have invented the Taycan GT, speculating about Porsche’s plans, and the automaker could have intentionally left the mention in the video to throw would-be speculators off of the trail of the automaker’s plans for the EV. We know there’ll be the long-roofed Taycan Cross Turismo that’ll debut later this year. There are rumors of a cheaper, less-powerful, rear-wheel-drive only model in development, too, but we wouldn’t expect Porsche to call it “GT.”

One could guess what a Taycan GT could entail if you look at other Porsche GT models. There’s often an effort to decrease the car’s weight while improving handling and performance. There was some hubbub about Porsche affixing the Turbo name to the Taycan even as it lacked a turbocharger. However, the name designates its position within the Taycan lineup, not its powertrain. Porsche could do the same thing with the GT name on the Taycan. But we’re left wondering why Porsche would leave the mention of such a model in an official video.